Thursday, March 23, 2017

Install your extension.

1) Go to and download the file.
2) Extract the files within that archive and save them someplace that you will be able to find in the next few steps.
3) Open Chrome
4) In the address bar, type this:  chrome://extensions
5) Check the box marked "Developer Mode".
6) Click "Load Unpacked Extension".
7) Find the folder that you unzipped in step 2.
8) You should see a small BH in black and white on your Chrome toolbar.

9) If you click on the button, you will get a small popup window that has a text box and a button. You can use the tool in two ways. 
  • First, you can highlight text on many webpages and then click the BH button. The text box will contain the HTML code that you can paste into a blog post for tweeting. 
  • Second, if you want to use text from a blog post that you are composing, you can copy the text from the post, then click the BH button. Paste the text into the empty text box and click the button below it. The formatted HTML code will appear and you can then paste that into you post.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Don't Make Mifune Angry.

You wouldn't like him when he is angry.

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Angering a master samurai is bad for your health.
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